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Web Design

WAHPERD - Washington Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance

(1/8/11) UPDATE: Apparently client has switched to a new design with HTML pages. Screenshot of my CMS design still available below. (Ask me for access to a working example.)

In early 2010, I got an e-mail from a client who wanted the wahperd.com site re-designed.

During our first meeting, we discussed many possible options to improve the site, such as the ability to easily edit content via CMS (content management system). After the graphic design phase was complete, I decided that using Drupal would be the best choice for a CMS due to how much you can customize it, and the plug-ins/modules available.

Many of the features were implemented with pre-existing Drupal modules, such as the calendar, photo gallery, photo uploading, and other basic framework. However, due to the lack of slideshow-like modules that supported my client's needs, I opted to use some free source code to create the JavaScript slideshow for the home page.

You'd think using modules would be a walk in the park, but because of all the different versions of Drupal, PHP, MySQL, modules, etc. it was often difficult to find compatible solutions. Once a good module was found, it then took configuring in Drupal, as well as editing the template files to support the new module, and sometimes editing module files themselves to override module CSS styles and the like.

One of the best things about this project is that I was able to help my client save money on her hosting fees, while getting even better hosting than she had been over-paying for. She now pays less, yet gets more, out of her hosting solution.


  • Drop-down menu system
  • Photo Slideshow
  • Integrated calendar / event system
  • Admin login w/ WYSIWYG editor
  • File attachments
  • Photo uploads
  • Photo Gallery
  • Drupal-powered
  • Crisp, clean design
  • Custom Favicon

Web Design for www.wahperd.com

WAHPERD - Design


Left: Screenshot of my design for the wahperd.com website. (Click to enlarge.)

Walla Walla University - Technology Department Website

For my senior project, I redesigned the WWU Technology Department website, tech.wallawalla.edu. The new design was used since March 2009.

The design was based upon a fellow student and designer's work, with his permission, for a "rebranding" of the department. Photography was also provided by another student.

Responsibilities included completely (and cleanly) coding HTML/CSS from scratch, converting a book design to work within the website's frame, editing image files, replacement of website content, making flash files with ActionScript button functionality, and finally presenting the project to department staff.

Web Design for WWU Tech Dept

Tech Dept - Design Preview

Tech Dept - Home Preview


Screenshots from the WWU Tech Dept website.

Click here for an example of the flash menu on the home page.

First Baptist Church - Destin, FL

(7/1/11) UPDATE: Website since redesigned with new domain name, new site also uses a beach theme.

This was a freelance project for a church all the way across the country. Thankfully, I was able to keep in contact via e-mail. There were a couple snags, but I think finally, overall, the site turned out rather well.

I ended up adding an RSS feed by hand, since this was a static page and free RSS plug-ins were hard to find.

Web Design for http://firstbaptistdestin.com/ (moved from http://firstbaptistchurchdestin.org/)

First Baptist Church Destin Website


Screenshot of the Home page.

Arcane Valor Warcraft Guild

(7/1/11) UPDATE: Website redesigned keeping elements of my original design.

It is a website I designed for a friend of mine who plays World of Warcraft. After some intitial designs and consulting with my client, who wanted a medieval theme, I decided a scroll would fit best. After all, my client had referred to her old website as a "scroll" a few times, and I wanted to represent that idea visually as well as metaphorically.

For the repeating textures in the background and on the scroll, I used some "royalty-free" pictures, and resized and re-colored them as I felt was appropriate. I then modified the scroll texture to appear to have worn edges. I also had to create seperate pieces for the top and bottom of the scroll. After setting it up this way, the scroll will resize downward to fit any amount of text necessary (albiet with some small mis-alignments here and there).

The gryphon graphic in the top right corner is from the World of Warcraft fan site kit. I edited it to fit and have a slight fade at the sides. Since guild websites are fan sites, this works out fine.

Web Design for www.arcanevalor.com

Arcane Valor Website Preview


Picture of the Home page as I designed it. (Click to enlarge.)

Click here to see the website as it currently is.

Calligraphy AV  

Here is the logo I created for the site.

(Click to see the draft page.)

Calligraphy W  

Here is the first letter of "Welcome" from the Home page.

(Click to see the draft page.)


Class Assignment(s)

In my studies I've done a few assignments I'd like to share, shown below.

Web Design for Design Classes
INFO 240B WebTech: Php class assignments. Click here to see my assignments page. WARNING: This link leaves the portfolio section of the site.

Flash ExampleFlash Example

  This project introduced me to ActionScript for the first time for use in a Flash site. It is a made-up game site. A "what if" site that announces a beta for a possible Lightfire game.


A site another student and myself created for the local Habitat for Humanity. This was a paid project, guided by our instructor.

Elements that I worked on:

Added text content.

Created flash for home page.

Added fly-out (pop-out) menus.

Created PDF forms/applications.

Added links and extra pages as necessary, assured there were no broken links.


Elements the OTHER student worked on:

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets.

Overall design of website.

A number of graphical elements.


Elements provided by Habitat for Humanity:



Text documents containing content they wanted on their site.

Feedback during creation of site.